Recovering with Jennifer Dawn Watts

Let’s Talk About Sex

December 15, 2020
One of the things that’s most associated with Christians is - no sex before marriage - yet one of the things Christians talk the least about us sex. So is that true? Do all Christians adhere to that ideal? If not, what are some of the other voices contributing to the conversation?
In this episode I interview Reverend Darrell McGowan to hear his thoughts. While we may not see everything the same way, the most important part is-we’re talking about it!
In this episode we cover questions like:
What does the Bible say about sex?
Does the cultural context scripture was written in matter?
What are some of the downfalls of waiting until marriage?
How do we establish a meaningful sexual ethic?
What kinds of conversations should we have with intimate partners about sex? And what about our kids?
The biggest take away for me from this was that we need to keep the conversation going - what’s yours?

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